Fix QuickBooks has Stopped Working with these Fixations

Fix QuickBooks has Stopped Working with these Fixations

Quickbooks software is known for its effortless support to many businessmen across the world. However, being an accounting tool, it often gets corrupted with some technical glitches and bugs. Many times, this leads to several issues like Quickbooks has stopped working. Well, the software stops ongoing tasks all of a sudden with an error that states the same. Below, in the guide, we have presented some of the solutions that will help you in resolving the error issue. So, make sure to read the full guide and conduct the steps given below to troubleshoot the issue.

The guide will cover almost everything from the error to its causes and symptoms. So, you don’t have to be worried more. Here, you will be provided a descriptive guide on the error. That means none of your queries will become left to be resolved. Now, let’s get into the article and solve your first query by providing you a glimpse of the error.

A Brief About QuickBooks has Stopped Working

Quickbooks has stopped working

Several times, users find issues like sudden stops in the Quickbooks software. This issue most of the time appears with an error text that states “Quickbooks has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly or Windows is checking for a solution to the problem.”

Due to this error, the user finds several issues like a sudden crash and others which we will learn below. You can move into the next section and learn what are all the symptoms and signs that not only aware you of the error issue but also appear as consequences of the error.

Signs & Symptoms to Identify Quickbooks has Stopped Working

There are lots of issues that appear whenever the error arrives. You can get into the pointers below and know what are those signs.

  • Quickbooks desktop stops in the middle of the work.
  • Users find problems while accessing the Quickbooks desktop.
  • The error message that states Quickbooks has stopped working appears on your device.
  • Input commands become inaccessible.
  • Your operating system shuts down in the middle of the work.

Well, these are the symptoms of the error issue. You can now move below and know what are the reasons behind that make this error appear in the system.

Major Causes the Bring the Error Appear into the System

Here are the reasons that make this error appear on your device. Check out all of these pointers and know what arises Quickbooks has stopped working error into the system.

  • Corruption within the program file.
  • The name of the QB file is too big and brings problems to the software.
  • QBWUSER.INI file is presented on the system.
  • There are lots of issues within the network like it becomes disintegrated.
  • The files related to the Windows operating system are damaged.
  • Quickbooks installation is not properly configured.
  • Issues within some of the programs can also lead to the error.

Now, the user needs to troubleshoot each of the causes. For that, move into the next section and learn below the solutions and steps that you can conduct on your own to eradicate the issue. Now, let’s move ahead.

Fixations of Quickbooks has Stopped Working

We have provided below some of the best solutions related to the error issue. You can check out them and conduct the steps to remove this error from your system.

Fixation 1: Use QuickBooks System Repair Tool

  • Firstly, the user needs to download the QuickBooks System Repair Tool on their system.
  • Once done with that, just save the file where you can easily get it.
  • It is suggested to place the file on the desktop so it will appear in front of your eyes.
  • After that, the user needs to shut down all the programs running in the background.
  • Thereafter, you need to run the file that you have downloaded.
  • Make sure to install the Quickbooks File Doctor tool.
  • The installation must be done properly.
  • Once it is done, move towards the browse button to spot the QB file.
  • Consequently, hit the Continue tab.

Quickbooks 2020 has stopped working

  • When the process becomes initiated, it will take around 20 minutes.
  • You have to wait here for that specific period.
  • Make sure to restart the system when you are done with the scanning procedure.
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Fixation 2: Change the Name of QB.INI File

When you directly jump on renaming the file then it may probably clear all the related records. So, you need to conduct other steps that are provided below.

Rename QBW.INI file

  • To initiate, the user needs to access that folder which is having the QBWUSER.ini file. 
  • When there comes several problems in accessing the folder then make sure to enable all the hidden files and folders. 
  • The user now needs to follow the entire path as shows Location: \Users\[Your user name]\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks [year]
  • After that, you need to rename QBWUSER.ini. 
  • Hit a right-click and choose the rename option. 
  • Consequently, you need to add .old at the end of the file name (QBWUSWER.ini.old)
  • Try to rename the EntitlementDataStore.ECML file in this step. 
  • Make sure to access the program after renaming EntitlementDataStore.ecml or QBWUSER.ini. 
  • Once done with that, the user needs to access the sample QB file. 
  • If there comes no issues in accessing the sample file but the company file is still not opening then move ahead. 
  • Make sure to copy this file to another location. 
  • Try to access it now. 
  • The user now needs to examine if the QB file is opened from the new location or not. 
  • If the file is accessed then there is an issue within the damaged folder. 
  • That means folder permissions are not correct. 
  • Verify the issues within the QB file if you cannot sign in properly. 
  • In the next step, the user needs to restore a backup of the file. 
  • When the user still finds unable to access the sample company file then there must be some issues within the Quickbooks installation. 

Fixation 3: Run Quick Fix My ProgramQuick Fix My Program

  • Firstly, the user needs to shut the Quickbooks software. 
  • Once down, try to download the file of the Quickbooks tool hub. 
  • After that, the user needs to locate the file where they can easily find it. 
  • Make sure to access the same file to make it function. 
  • Go through all the instructions highlights in front of the computer screen. 
  • In the next step, the user needs to agree to the terms and conditions appearing on the screen. 
  • The tool hub will be shown as an icon, just launch it when the installation becomes finished or ended. 
  • When the tool runs, it will automatically close all of the programs running in the background. 
  • Now, the user needs to move towards the tab named Program Problems. 
  • Hit the tab named Quick Fix my Program. 
  • Subsequently, access the Quickbooks desktop.
  • In the last step, the user needs to open the QB file. 

Fixation 4: Make a New Window User

If the windows installation becomes damaged and corrupted, the user needs to make a new window user. If you don’t know the steps then move ahead and conduct this procedure. 

Create a New Window User

  • Initiate the procedure by hitting the Start tab. 
  • Once done, the user needs to access the Control Panel.
  • Now, the user needs to click on the tab named Add or Remove User Accounts, Link. 
  • In the next step, there comes a dialog box named Manage Account. 
  • Select the tab named Create a New Option. 
  • Moving on, the user needs to provide the account name. 
  • Choose another tab Create Admin Account. 
  • Moreover, click on the Create Account tab. 
  • Finally, the user needs to access the QB file through the admin account that is created. 
  • Just verify and check if the issue gets resolved or not. 

Fixation 5: Configuration of Firewall

The user needs to configure the firewall setting if the error appears after installing the Windows 10 update. 

Quickbooks has stopped working: Configuration of firewall

  • To begin, tap on Control Panel. 
  • Now, you need to choose Windows Firewall.
  • After that, just choose the tab named advanced settings.
  • Moreover, select outbound rules. 
  • Once done with these steps, the user needs to tap on the New rule button.
  • Hit on the checkbox of Program.
  • Once done, hit the Next button.
  • Examine the program path option and copy the application’s location.
  • Move towards the tab named block the connection and tap on it.
  • You need to now hit on the checkboxes of private, domain, or public.
  • Make sure to rename the file.
  • Tap on the finish tab in the last step.

Fixation 6: Use Clean Install Tool

Clean Install Tool

  • The first step that you need to consider is to access the tool hub. 
  • Now, the user needs to click on the Installation issues from the Quickbooks tool hub. 
  • Hit on the Clean Install Tool. 
  • After that, move to the Ok button. 
  • Next, the user needs to choose the Quickbooks versions. 
  • Once done, hit the Continue button. 
  • Hit OK if you see a text that states “Please install the copy of Quickbooks to the default location.”
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 Fixation 7: Run QuickBooks Refresher Tool

  • First of all, shut the Quickbooks. 
  • Then, conduct the downloading procedure of the Quickbooks Refresher tool. 
  • Save this file on the computer. 
  • In the next step, the user needs to click on the Run button when you easily installed the tool. 
  • Move towards the tab named Fix my QuickBooks and click on that. 
  • The tool will run, detect and diagnose the issue on its own. 
  • Just access the Quickbooks software. 
  • Examine the issue related to the program. 

Fixation 8: Open the File from a Different Location

  • First of all, the user needs to hit the tab named Windows + E button. 
  • You can now access the new window on the device. 
  • Once done, the user needs to find the data file with an extension .qbw. 

  • In the next step, the user needs to copy the file. 
  • Move towards the C:drive. 
  • Then, make a new folder there. 
  • Furthermore, try to name the folder QBTEST. 

Quickbooks does not open

  • Paste your file in the QBTEST folder. 
  • After that, you need to press the CTRL key and access the Quickbooks software.
  • Tap on the tab named Open or Restore an Existing Company. 

No Company Open Window

  • In the last step, the user needs to choose the QBTEST folder and end this process. 

Fixation 9: Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool 

Quickbooks install diagnostic tool

  • First of all, the user needs to access the Quickbooks tool hub. 
  • After that, just move towards the Installation issues. 
  • Once done, the user needs to click on the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool. 
  • Make sure to do nothing for about 20 minutes until the process becomes complete. 
  • When the scanning becomes completed, issues have been diagnosed. 
  • Finally, just reboot the system to save all these changes. 


So, here are the fixations of the error Quickbooks have stopped working. You can use any of the following solutions to troubleshoot the issue. Make sure to conduct each of the solutions carefully to get rid of this hindrance. The error is not as complicated as you thought. Just have some patience and see how you can fix it easily. We wish that you don’t come across any Quickbooks errors in the future. However, if there appears any then make sure to arrive at the site as we keep on working to give you the updated solutions to the errors. Alternatively, you can bookmark the site to get notified by each post. 

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